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Ignacio's 1995 Mustang GT Vert
aka "Nacho"

Hello Mustangworld, I've been a fan of your site for a long time now, being a mustang enthusiast my self and having owned 3 Mustangs out of 5 cars that I have owned. Anyways, my Mustang is a 95 GT, convertible. Its red with a black top and tan interior, 5 speed with a few bolt ons.

I have big plans for this pony, I bought the car in late October of last year, drove it for a couple weeks then parked it to start putting it under the knife. I plan on giving it plenty of show for now, not so much go, at least for the time being.

The mods the car has are, OEM 18" Saleen chrome wheels, off road H-pipe, cold air intake, GT-40 upper intake, lowering springs, and a cold air intake, it also has tinted windows. But like I said I have a few things in mind to make this a sweet looking stang.

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