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Dom's 1994 Mustang GT
Vancouver, BC, Canada

1994 Mustang GT Update:

Modifications completed since spring of 2006 include:
-2 inch Intrax suspension drop.
-H-pipe exhaust with four catalytic converters (aircare) & Magnaflow chrome tips. (Cats could be gone in 2011.)
-Bullit brake conversion kit. 13 inch rotors in front, & 11+ inch rotors in rear. Red running horse calipers in front. (Better brakes for increased hp is a must.)
-17X8 Black Bullit wheels (front), 17X10.5 Black Bullit wheels (rear.)
-BBK "equal length" ceramic, chromed headers. (+20ph)
-BBK cold air induction. (+10hp)
-BBK 75mm throttle body. (+12hp)
-Ford Racing aluminum drive shaft to shed 20 pounds of weight & give the car more power off the line + increased torque. (Aluminum is lighter, stronger and doesn't rust.)
-Underdrive pulleys. (+10hp)
-Aftermarket tail lights.
-Customized two tone (red/grey) leather interior with running horse embroidery.
-White faced gauges & aluminum A/C knobs.
-Side scoops/spoiler/hood painted black.
-"302 GT" custom black rocker panel stripes.
-Silver 10" wide dual racing stripes (with outer pin stripes) on front hood & rear spoiler.
-Replacement "running horse" hood insulator, attached to underside of the hood, (black) for show.
-Rear window louvers (aluminum & black painted) to keep the rays off the leather seats during the summer.
-Chromed: oil filler cap, brake fluid cap & steering fluid cap. Also an aluminum fuse box cover with a "302 high powered" stick on logo applied for show & one more 302 "high powered" stick on logo for between the tail lights complimenting the already located Ford Blue Oval.
-UPR Products: "Two toned" (black & chrome Bullit style) fuel door.
-Late Model Restorations: "Black Beauty" smoked 94-98 Mustang headlights for an updated & refined look up front.
-MSD: 8.5mm "Super Conductor" Ignition Wires. (More spark & less resistance means more fuel/air combustion in the cylinders. Adds up to more horsepower & better fuel economy.
-New set of 8 Platinum spark plugs!
-Granatelli: sub frame connectors welded on.
-TCI: "Saturday Night Special" AODE '94 & up Mustang Torque Converter. (2500 rpm stall.)


Future modifications for 2010:

GRANATELLI PERFORMANCE: caster/camber plates, tubular K-member (30 lbs weight lost) & front tubular lower control A-arms (15 lbs weight lost) for 45 pounds of total weight shedded up front. (To offset about 5 pounds of new weight added with caster/camber plates.) Granatelli performance parts well worth the overall 40 pound decrease in weight.

PROTHANE: "Off Set" Rack and Pinion Bushings.

STEEDA: 94-04 Mustang Bump Steer Kit.

AMERICAN MUSCLE: 94-04 Mach 1 Chin Spoiler For a Retro Aggressive look up front.

Black painted door handles.

DIAMOND BACK CLASSIC RADIALS: A company found in Conway, South Carolina that specializes in Red Line Tires. (For a classic Mustang/Hot Wheels look.) Front tires to be 245/45R/17 and rear tires to be 315/35R/17. Sets available in Kumhos and Good Year Eagles. All treads matching per each tire set of four. (Probably choose Kumhos!)

Great website Mustang World! I'll have an update after the 2010 modifications are all done.




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