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Chelsea's 1989 Mustang GT's
Kingsport, TN

This is “BLACK BETTY” the first mustang I had ever owned. I purchased this car in February 2009 and wrecked the car in April 2009. It was rolled at low speed. I had a lot of hopes and dreams for this car.


*M.A.C. Shorty Headers

*Flow Master 40’s

*Shorty Shifter

This is the car after I wrecked it. I hit a bank on the right front bumper and it rolled it

On to the top.

My dad and I tried to fix it the best we could. We used a hydraulic jack to fix the roof enough for a Plexiglas windshield in it. We taped off the corner windows and fixed the doors so we could roll the windows up in it. (they were not busted)

So after all the work we put back into the car I still wanted another Mustang and it had to be a FOX. I found one on EBAY in WV. My dad and I went to pick her up.

Purchased February 2010
“BLACK BETTY” just got a sister “BLACK CHERRY”

It was a body in good condition and no motor. PERFECT! Just what I needed to start my



*Aftermarket 17 inch Rims

*New (one piece) Head Lights/Fog Lights

*New Cobra TailLights

*Custom Paint Job 3yrs. Old

* Fiberglass Mach II Hood Custom Paint Job

*Lakewood Struts Front Lakewood Shocks Back

*Eibach Inch and Half Lowering Springs

*Flow Master 40

We started on it the next day. We have been cleaning the interior and getting it ready for an interior swap. I’m going to use the interior/motor out of “BLACK BETTY”.

Right now we have the motor in “BLACK BETTY” ready to pull and put in “BLACK CHERRY”. Update Coming Soon…..


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