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Miguel's 2004 Mustang Vert
North Carolina

My car is a 2004 Anniversary Edition Mustang GT.
I have a true passion for mustangs and in my eyes no other cars can compare to one regardless of make, model, or price. To me Mustangs are the best !
One thing i dont like is when someone takes a stang and turns it into a ricer by putting dumb lights on it and ugly decals such as the ones that people with hondas use! So im Anti-Rice and i display it proudly on my front bumper!
Back to the mustang, this is my 2nd stang and i have the following mods:

4:10 Gears
Custom Exhaust (H-pipe, Flowmasters,Catless, MILS Eliminators)
LT Headers
Lowering Springs
CC Plates
Short Throw S
Black Chrome Tips

Mach 1 Grill Delete
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Smoked Taillights
Smoked Headlights
18x9 Black Saleen Wheels
Bumper Inserts
10K HID Headlights
6K HID Foglights
Mach 1 Trunk Panel
2% Tint All Around
Shorty Antenna


2 12" JL W3 Subwoofers
800watt Mono MTX Amp
2Farad Boss Cap
Tsunami Wiring
Flip Deck

I think that is about it, Hope you like the stang!!!!


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