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Matt's 1998 Mustang GT

I have a 1998 Mustang GT with the following mods. I am also a site administrator and founder of the new mustang forum My goals for my mustang are basically turning it in to a weekend drag car. Once I gather the extra money I plan on buying a fully forged engine that will either be a 4.6L or 5.4L which will be twin turboed. My HP goal is around 600 to 700 RWHP.

Note: In some of the pictures is my girlfriend Michelle.

Maximum Motorsports(MM) rear sway bar
MM heavy duty torque arm
MM Full Length Sub Frame connectiors
MM Panhard bar
MM Heavy duty lower control arms
MM CC plates
MM Front coilover kit with Tokico D spec shocks
Steeda front sway bar
H&R Sport springs in the rear

Rear end:
Motive 4.10 gears
Detroit Locker
Moser 31 Spline axles

2004 PI Intake manifold
Cold air intake with K&N filter

SLP Off-Road X-pipe (i have the cats in right now for emissions)
Dumped Magnaflow Magnapacks

Other Stuff:
Steeda tri-ax shifter
Cobra front bumper
window tint 20% rear window 35% sides( state trooper metered them at 27.8%)
10th Anniversary Cobra front brakes
MM 6 point drag race roll bar with swing outs

Tires & wheels:
Nitto 555s front 275s rear 315s; Black deep dish cobra R’s


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