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Tim's 1995 Mustang GT
El Paso, TX

Mods Include:
347 Boss Motor (Stroked New 302 Boss)
AFR 185 Heads
1.6 Scorpion Roller Rocker
Cran Cams Lifters
Trick Flow Track Heat Cam
Hardened Push Rods
Holley System Max II Intake
Anderson Power Pipe
80mm MAF
70mm Throttle Body
30lbs Injectors
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
High Flow Water Pump
Fluid Dyne Radiator
160 Degree Thermostate
190 Fuel Pump
MSD Distributor
10mm Taylor Plug Wires
Fire Ball Ignition Kit with Coil
NOS Big Shot kit 150 shot
NOS Aggressive Controler
AC Completely Romoved (Dumb move since I live in El Paso Now)

SPEC Stage 3 Clutch Kit with Aluminum Fly wheel
Super T5 Transmission kit. (Mostly a G-Force Kit)
B&M Ripper Shifter
Aluminum Drive Shaft
Auburn Positive Traction Diff
4.30 Gears Soon to be switched back to the 3.73's
Push Rod Motors seem to dislike 4.30 a lot as to where
Mod Motors love them.

BBk Equal length Headers
Off Road X-Pipe

Intrax Springs
Cobra Brakes on the Front with steel braided brake lines
Hawk Pads

American Thunder Flow Masters Cat Back System

Hood scoup was installed because the hood would not close with the spacer and NOS plated between the upper and lower intake.
I had to install the spacer and the large NOS plated to clear the Valve Covers.
This is the fourth motor combo that I have put in the 1995.

The 2001 GT. Started out with the regular 2V Motor which didnt last long. I only owed the car 36 hours before I blew it up. Four rods through the block. The guy I bought it from already had the SuperCharger on it and I wasnt used to how fast the RPM's would rap up with the SC.
Then I installed a 302 Stroker Long block from Modular Racing. Being stationed in Germany I never got it tuned properly and it ended up detonating and chiping a piston.
So instead of rebuilding that Motor I bought a totaled 99 Cobra from a guy, used everything that I needed from the Cobra to make it work in the 01 GT and walla, a total sleeper. SuperCharged at that.

Mods for the 01 are:

99 Cobra Motor (I am going to put that 302 Stroker kit in when I get back from Korea)
P1SC ProCharger 10 lbs pulley
JBL Headers
Bassani X-pipe with cats
Magna Flow Mufflers (I forget the name of them, but they are the small bullet looking ones)
Tri Ax shifter
Steeda Springs
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Grill Craft Grill kit
I put the Cobra Fog lights behind the grill and removed the Running Horse
Boost Piller Guage
Fuel Pressure Piller Guage

1989 Mustang LX, I still have too. But it is just basic bolts on's from when I was a kid and couldnt afford much. The car is now in my Dads Garage in PA.




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