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Deb's 99 Mustang
Ontario, Canada

This is my `99 Chrome Yellow Mustang. I purchased it with 45 kms on it. It has never seen a Canadian winter. It has 102,290 kms on it. She is my pride and joy.

My father worked for Ford in Oakville Ontario Canada and help me financially with a family discount.

I have added my own special touchs to it by adding the reflective pony head and mane on both doors, 35th Anniversary on the windshield (yellow), the full running pony on the back windshield (yellow) and my name on the trunk lid (black). I have new headlamps without the tacky amber turning lights and carbon fibre rear lights.

I am saving my $$ to put a better sounding exhaust on this year. I am also looking for bigger badder tires, sorry but, i love my rims. I love to show her off whenever I have the chance.

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