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Aaron's 1990 Mustang GT
Cresaptown, MD

I have to say im a huge mustang fan especially the fox bodies i love them all. i have a 1990 mustang gt that took me almost two years to find.. ive looked a numerous stangs before but none were in nice condition as this one for what i paid for i think i got a heck of a deal.

I must say its a whole nother drive when i take it out and crusie around town every other stang on the road waves at ya like you are family.. i love taking it out to meets with my other mustang buddys there arn't many 5.0s around as clean/ non molested like mine. it was a automatic c4 aod but i am recently doing a t5 swap at my school i am taking auto technology which i love all too much..

people think its amazing that a 17 year old is doing this to a car already but i am doin it well and are almost finished. i have a few performace parts to go along with it: king cobra clutch, bbk headers H pipe and flow master 40 series 2 chambers, 4.10s. bbk cai, maf and soon a H/I/C will be added to it next fall. i miss her badly on the nice days we have here during the spring im driving a jeep and my moms 98 stang but im surviving without it.

I love this site ive been lookin on it since i was 15 and i love it keep up the excellent work and stang bangers out there keep the foxes alive!




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