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Kyle's Mustang
Hamilton, Alabama

I got my mustang when I turned 16 in May of 2005. I am almost 18 now and I have done a good bit of modding 2 it. Ya ya I know it is only a 6er, but at least it isnt a rice burner!!! Well Ive been trying 2 make it look like a Bullitt mustang. When I got it had aftermarket tail lights, a K&N air filter, aftermarket exhuasts, some type of engine work, and fog lights.

Mods Ive done....
Chin spoiler/lip.
Mak Cold air intake
17x9 Hypercoated Bullitt rims
Ford Racing dual exhuasts
new chrome tail lights b/c a person backed into me and broke the cover on a old 1
Green light overhead,turn signals,tag lights, and reverse lights.
silver star headlights
Green neon sticks in front and back inside car
And a all round Xplod system 2 10s in back facing front with seets turned down and 4 6x8s
Xplod head unit and amp
Shorty ant, and oya I painted my calipers red liek the bullitt,and other small odds and ends I dont have room 2 list.

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