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JL Saludo's 2003 Supercharged GT
LA, California

2003 Ford Mustang GT Supercharged with After Cooler Transmission: 5 speed manual. Mileage: 1,206 miles only.

I love this car from the beginning with the stock engine, but after the modifications the real horsepower kicks in deep with a commanding sound from my dual exhaust. I'll keep this car until my last breath.

Engine Modifications:
Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger with After Cooler. Low restriction air to water core with Setrab Heat Exchanger located under the radiator. It includes a heavy duty water pump and a plastic container for adding water and ice to promote dense cooled air.
Flowmaster American Thunder Series.
New Fuel Injectors.
K&N Cold Air Induction Kit.
Super Chips

Visual Effects:
I want my Mustang GT to look tame and original though it possess huge amount of horsepower and torque. I get some kind of attention from guys driving fixed- up Honda's and 350 Nissan Z every time the supercharger starts to whine. Tested this Mustang in 134 West Hollywood freeway and encountered a very fast 2007 Dodge Charger Daytona V-8. I heard the whistling sound from the blower and around 2000 to 3200 rpm, the Mustang passed this Charger with authority.

My personal engine mechanic told me that driving your vehicle too fast can shorten engine life. This is my last adventure for driving fast.

So, I only decided to put a brand new rims and low profile performance Falken tires. That's it! Everything on my car looks stock with the original spoiler and bumpers.




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