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Matt's 97 Mustang Vert

I love your site and i have always wanted to put my stangs on the website.

97' Mustang Vert
this was my first car and I had to sell it to get my 07 GT and although i loved
it to death, the new mustangs are soooo much better. this car was such a huge cop magnet even though it was a v6 automatic. it sounded really good too, almost like a gt. there are so many mods on it, i wont list them all because its a long list.

I bought this car when i was 16 and it was the most base mustang convertible
possible, but i poured almost every penny i had into it to make it look the way i
wanted it. i thought it was one of the best lookin v6 mustangs out there, but
then the 05 mustangs came out and after 2 years of arguing with myself, i put
this one up for sale and the day after i sold it, i ordered the 07.

Major Mods:
saleen351 spoiler
Xenon rear bumper
Cervini Stalker side skirt
CDC side scoops
Cervini Stalker hood
2000 GT 17" rims
Brembo brakes
Borla exhaust with 1 5/8 ceramic headers
cold air intake
underdrive pullies

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