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Dennis' 97 Cobra
Memphis, TN

I am a proud owner of a 97 cobra (I like to call her "Albino Snake.") I have a few mods that I have done, but my mods have slowed a little due to lack of interest. I have too many interests, I am all over the place right now. I promised myself that I would not half step in creating my monster, and I keep my word. I had a vortech supercharged GT before this car, but it was totaled in 2001. Lets move on, lets not be a has been shall we;-). I will post more pics when ever I am done with the thing, THANX.

My Mods:
K&N air filter(who doesn't)
Centerforce dual friction clutch
Adjustable quadrant cable
Pro 5.0 shifter
4:10 Gear
Eibach lowering springs (pro kit)
BBK longtube headers
BBK shorty H pipe
Flowmaster mufflers
MIL eliminators
SCT multiple stage chip(currently has just the stock and one tune for now;-))
IMRC delete
A built short block with forged pistons and rods( put the good stuff in after a damaged rod bearing)
Sean Hyland stage II ported Heads(expensive and not installed)
Sean Hyland blower cams(not installed due to lack of blower:-( )
Accufab throttle body(not installed)

Appearence mods:
Cobra R wheels( had to do it, BLING_BLING)
Saleen S281 wing
Shortened antenna( pain in the @$$)
Rewired foglights( thanx to Cam)
2001 Cobra shift knob

Future mods: They are closer than you think so look out Memphis!
Vortech T trim
Paxton intercooler
Fuel system and components
Dyno tune
Sticky tires



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