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Mike K's 96 GT
Wood Dale IL

My car is a 1996 Mustang GT that was transformed into a Saleen. The only reason that I made a clone is that I've always wanted one but I could never afford one, maybe someday.

1996 Ford Mustang GT *SALEEN CLONE*
-4.6 Engine
-K&N Air Filter
-Dual Flowmaster Cat Back Exhaust w/ dumps
-Cobra R Wheels
-17'' Khumo Tires
-4.10 Gears in the rear
-SALEEN body kit w/ decals
-Full SALEEN Racecraft suspension

"They say the best way to fight a hangover is to stay drunk."

Thats basically it, no real performance mods to the engine....yet.

Future mods:
-Some type of blower (not sure what kind--Vortech, ATI, Powerdyne, etc.)
-Saleen Wheels, 18.9 in the front 18.10 in the rear.
-Steeda Tri-Ax shifter (or maybe a Pro 5.0).
-CD player (it's got the crappiest stock stereo that Ford offered.)
That's all that I can think of for now, but I know that I'll come up with some other ideas in the future.




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