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Scott Anderson's 93 GT

Smokin :-) - MW

Here's a list a the mods that have been done to it also:
BBK shortie headers
Mac offroad H-pipe
Warlock mufflers w/ turndowns
March underdrive pullies
Moroso/K&N filter kit
16 deg. timing adv.
MSD 6-BTM box
MSD coil
Tremec 3550
Pro 5.0 shifter
Lakewood scatter sheild
Centerforce dual friction clutch
SVO aluminum driveshaft
3.55 gears
Maximaim motorsport subframe conn.
Elbach lowering springs
4" cowl hood
Saleen rear spoiler (not on in pic yet)
MSD pro shift light
AutoMeter 2 5/8" procomp water temp & oil press gauges

And i plan on adding the following in the near future:
TDC twin turbo kit
AFR 165 aluminum heads
Crane 2030 roller cam
Ported truck lower
Holcomb sheetmetal upper
70mm holley TB
77mm pro-m MAF
36# SVO injectors


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