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Marcelo L's 89 GT

This is my 89 gt that i purchased completly stock!!!! down to ford
mufflers. With 180,000 miles on it. I've had it for a year now, I've put
alot of money into it so far and still have a while to go. It seems that
everytime i fix something or upgrade something, something else brakes.

----------------------CURRENT MODS------------------------
Trick flow street intake
Edelbrock 70mm egr and t-body
svo cobra alum. 3" radiator
svo cobra clutch kit
Steeda triax
Steeda adj. clutch cable, alum quadrant, firewall adjuster
Steeda engraved shift knob
Steeda alum radiator bracket
Steeda front polyurethane bushing kit
Msd blaster coil
K&N 10" filter
Taylor 10.5 mm wires
180 degree stat
Mac 1-5/8 longtubes, Mac shorty 2.5" h-pipe, Dynomax 2.5" mandrel bent
Flowmaster 2ch mufflers
Kyb shocks and struts
3.27 gears
Power Stop drilled rotors, stainless steel caliper sleeves, Hawk racing
pads, and Russel s.s brake lines.
ROH ZR6 16x8 rims with dunlop sp 5000 245/50/16 front 255/16/16 rear
Battery relocated to rear, no rear seats, all tar paper removed, all
emissions equipment removed,
removed complete fog lights assembly bar and all, Autometer silver oil
pressure and water temp gauges on pillar, 5"silver shift light tach
coming soon, complete new black interior including carpet, floor mats,
seat covers.also have cervini 4"cowl hood, 5% limo tint, 6 pc light kit
with clear corners, and a system with 12's and a couiple of amps.

------------------------------FUTURE MODS-------------------------
On the stand at home i have a 8,000 mile 306 i got of my friend with
stock crank and rods, forged pistons, all arp bolts, windage tray,
wolverine cam 523 542 lift. Its waiting for a set of edelbrock aluminum
5.0 heads to come back from the machine shop and a set of 1.6 roller
rockers, also going into it a set of comp chromoly push rods, ARP head,
intake and valve cover bolts, ford motorsport polished valve covers, new
balancer, some steeda pullies and a set of graphite head gaskets, and
also a 1" phenolic spacer for my Trick flow intake. I also plan on
droping in alot of Steeda suspention parts, get rid of the 3.27's for
some 3.73's. Also a 125 shot of the juice, 75mm bullet maf, ajust. fuel
reg., i'm sticking with 19lbs injectors, yes i know!!!!!!!! electric
fan, and msd 6al.

After i drop in the engine probally a month from now i will try to
get the thing painted, but everytime I save up for a paint job i find a
good deal on some other parts i need so for now i'm a member of the
PRIMER RACE CLUB I have no track times because i race on the street most
of the time, i will say i beat my friends 96 cobra by a car length. He
runs mid 13's, he has 4.10s, k&n, triax, pullies, ram air, alum
driveshaft, and other mods I cant think of right now. I predict my car
should be done by january of 02, but we all know a project car is never
done so.......... I would also like to thank my Girlfriend
Megan for putting up with my primered ride and lending me money for my
Thanks Mustang World


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