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Sean's 85 GT

This car was originally bought by my Dad at Maclin Ford in Calgary, Alberta,
Canada in 1985. He drove it for 11 years (even through winter) and then
finally sold it to me when I turned 16. When I got it was Charcoal Gray and
absolutely stock. My Mods so far are:
(The list is much longer but you get the idea.)
-WMS 306 race short block (balanced, forged pistons, 10.5:1 comp.)
-FRPP windage tray
-TFS Twisted Wedge heads
-Crane Cam
-Edelbrock performer intake
-Holley 600
-Mac exhaust (equal length shorties, power chamber h-pipe, flow path
-Crane Hi-6 ignition
-FRPP underdrive pulleys
-T5 "Z" transmission
-FRPP aluminum driveshaft
-8.8 rear end (rebuilt, WMS Xtrac posi, Moser axles)
-Energy Suspension bushings
-Tokico Shocks and Struts
-Eibach Springs
-Mac upper and lower control arms
-WMS Strut tower brace and Subframe connectors (simply the best!)
-Front brakes from a 93 LX (73mm Calipers)
-Rear disc brakes
-Yokohama 255/40/17
-REAL Chrome Cobra R's
-Future Mods include a new interior, Baer brakes and NOS.

I would like to thank the guys down at Western Motorsports (Shannon, Nimala,
Rudy, and Tim) for all the hours they have spent wrenching on my car. They
are simply the best in the business. Their website is The
95 GT conv. is my dad's car. WMS has done alot of work to it as well. (GT40
package, WMS SDS programmable digital injection, Eibach springs, WMS
Velocity tube, Crane Hi-6 igniton...)



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